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Nitrogen Tires


Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson is the only Motorcycle dealer in East Tennessee currently offering Nitrogen filled tires exclusively for motorcycles. Nitrogen is a much safer alternative for tire inflation. It has been used for decades on commerical and military aircraft, NASCAR, Formula 1 and Indy racecars as well as heavy mining and construction vehicles. Nitrogen maintains better tire pressure, keeps tires 20% cooler, improves handling and can reduce tire failures by as much as 80%.


What is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen is a DRY light gas that does not burn. The air we breathe is 78% Nitrogen.

How much does Nitrogen cost?

The Cost to inflate your tires with Nitrogen is $5 per tire. We will purge the compressed air (oxygen) out of you tire and re-inflate the tire with Dry Nitrogen.

What if I need to add air at some point and don't have access to Nitrogen?

Not a problem. Just top off with air from any compressor. You may lose a little of the benefit of the nitrogen but once you get back home just stop by and we will re-purge your tires for you.

Do I have to pay every time I get Nitrogen added?

No. The only time you have to pay again is when you have a new tire or tube installed.

I have heard that Nitrogen actually helps maintain my tires pressure longer. Is that true?

Yes. A Nitrogen molecule is much bigger than Oxygen. The reason tires loose pressure is because the oxygen molecules actually seep through the rubber and out into the air. Because Nitrogen molecules are bigger they cannot penetrate the rubber as quickly. On average tire pressures maintain about 3-4 times longer with Nitrogen the regular air.

Where can I find out more about Nitrogen?

For more information about Nitrogen visit the following links or stop by Smoky Mountain Harley-Davidson.


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